Why it is better to order from your local florist vs. an order gatherer

You see lots of advertisements for flowers online nowadays.  There are two types of businesses represented when you search for flowers online. One is the local florist, physically located in or near the location you want your order sent to.  They take the order directly from you by phone, or online and fill it to full value when they deliver them.  Secondly, you have order gatherers.  They are companies that are not located anywhere near where you are sending your flowers. Many of their call centers are located in India and other overseas locations.  They’re primary mode of operation is to take the order, add service charges and send a discounted order to a local florist to deliver your flowers.     Even worse, sometimes they direct ship flowers in cardboard boxes with a vase enclosed for the recipient to arrange themselves.  They do not travel on refrigerated trucks and do not receive the same chain of life care that a local florist takes with your flowers.  Naturally the life span of those flowers will be greatly reduced.

When you use a local florist, they are very familiar with the areas they serve and can be extremely helpful with suggestions.  They also know what the best values are in their areas on flowers, since our country is so vast, every area has different flower choices.

It is very easy to tell if a shop is truly local.  Look in the local search on Google and see if they are listed.  When you open their homepage, you should find a local address (not a PO box) listed there or in the about us section of the site.  If you do not see that, chances are you are dealing with a company hundreds or thousands of miles away.

We had seen a decline in the last several years of total numbers of orders coming in due to the order gatherers.  This has reversed.  People have been disappointed so many times, that they have realized, local is the way to go!  We are here for you when you need us.  Give us a call and speak to a knowledgeable local florist!!

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