Why is June wedding month?

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.33.11 AM

Sorry, but I am the nerd that  watches the History Channel and the National Geographic Channels.  I was wondering why June is considered the wedding month.  After some research I came across a few interesting facts. In previous centuries, hygiene and bathing were not considered important.  There was a once a year ritual cleansing when people bathed.  Of course it was June, making it much more pleasant to be married while at their cleanest!  June was also a good month to be married, since most people were involved in agriculture.  If a woman married in June and became pregnant, it was perfect timing for her to still be able to work for the harvest (women have never had it easy).

The final fact I found was that Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage, and many Romans chose June to be married in honor of their goddess.

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To all the brides out there, congratulations from Paul and Gail


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